Divine Unity

divine-0_resizeDIVINE UNITY is one of the series paintings made by artist Gabriela Maria PASCENCO with recycled materials from furniture workshops. There are really true paintings, with the only difference that instead of specially treated canvas and painting colors are used scrap plywood or OSB boards, glue, oil paints and coatings for wood etc. It is a manifesto against waste of materials.

Becoming a mother, the woman is reborn as an attribute of her child. The picture reminds of known Yin-Yang symbol except for the artist refers to the perfect communion between mother and child. Only the baby and the protecting hand are materialized, while mother’s face gets the shape from the child.

“You weren’t born from an idea, from randomly,
no words can used as name for you:
Black and white only for unity,
just you and me, just us, just you…. ”
(romanian writer Iulian Vadean)