About me

So many beautiful things I see.

I wanna show them all to you!

Forget about bad things, enjoy!

I was born on July 30, 1976, in Bucharest, capital of former communist Romania. Before the age of ten, I lost my parents in an accident and I inherited from my father thirst for knowledge, perseverance and aspiration for perfection.

I liked, since I can remember, to repair and to reuse things that were waste. To draw. To decorate.

I’m currently living and working (I’m an architect) in Constanta, on a cliff by the Black Sea, together with my girls and a dog named Bisha. We love walking, sun rising and classic rock music 🙂

My paintings are made entirely of recycled waste from furniture workshops: oil paints and scrap plywood or PFL boards. I do not have a default technique for this kind of materials. I usually do some tests and look for the best option to combine them. My favorite theme is love, ’cause I consider it the most noble and important thing.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. great work! Looks amazing. I am going to go with this logo but we need to do some final touches.
    can we talk on FB, whatsapp or skype?
    I also want to change the root structure a little bit. Ive not used 99 design b/4 can you see the other contestants entries: I like the roots of (#3 by Sambang Raga ) its #48 of all the entries. If we run overtime will you help me finalize the logo? I want to play also with some more gold/ yellow in the logo. I think it would look amazing with gold in the leaves on a business card. If you change anything keep the originals you have now, bc I like them. We are so close.

  2. out of the 30 some odd people who attempted my design, got it perfect the very first time! i will use you again in the future!!!

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